Data Collection Declaration

For statistical data collection purposes, the Munich Center for the Economics of Aging (MEA) employs the web analytics tool Piwik.

Options to Object

You have the following independent options to object to the collection of data by the central Piwik server:

  1. You can activate your browser's Do Not Track setting. As long as this setting is active our Piwik server will not record any data about you. Please note that the Do Not Track only applies for the specific computer and the specific browser in which you activate the setting.
  2. To deny cookie usage in general, you can block acceptance of cookies for a certain website or all websites in the preferences of the browser. Please note that this setting only applies for the specific computer and the specific browser in which you activate the setting.
  3. You can use our opt-out function. I.e., you can click the box below to stop the collection of data or to activate it again. As long as the box is deactivated, our central Piwik server will not record any data about your visits. Please note: For the opt-out function we need to store a special opt-out cookie in your browser. If you clear your cookies, delete the opt-out cookie or use another computer or browser, you will need to perform the opt-out procedure again.

Data Collected by Piwik

Insofar as you have not objected, the following data are being recorded by our central Piwik server and included in the usage statistics.

Basic data:

•    IP address, shortened for anonymity
•    A cookie to distinguish different visitors
•    The previously visited URL (referrer), insofar as it has been transmitted by your browser
•    Name and version of your operating system
•    Name, version and language settings of your browser

Additional data, if JavaScript is active:

•    URLs visited in this website
•    Time stamps of visits
•    Types of HTML requests
•    Screen resolution and colour depth
•    Technical processes and formats supported by your browser (e.g. cookies, Java, Flash, PDF, WindowsMedia, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Director, SilverLight, Google Gears)

Application log files

For technical reasons, our servers and applications save personal details upon your visit to our websites in their log files. However, these data are only used for the immediate provision of our services, for troubleshooting purposes or for attack prevention and will be deleted automatically after a short period of time.

The following data are saved temporarily:

•    Your IP address
•    Date and time of your website visit
•    The address of the website visited
•    The address of the previously visited website (referrer)
•    Name and version of your browser / operating system (insofar as it has been transmitted by your browser)
•    Your E-mail address (e.g. when using the contact form)

For questions concerning data protection issues, please contact the data protection officer of the Max-Planck-Society by email: or phone: +49 89 2108-1317.


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