Press Review 2015

  • Rentenschere, 02.12.2015
    Bild-Zeitung (No. 281 / Page 2)
  • Flüchtlinge: Eine kleine Chance für die Rentenkasse, 04.11.2015
    Zeit online (Stand 10.12.2015)
  • Was bedeuten Flüchtlinge für die Altersarmut?, 21.10.2015
    DIE WELT (Stand 21.10.2015)
  • Der kritische Armutsforscher, 13.10.2015
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (No. 237 / Page 23)
  • Es gibt keinen Krieg der Generationen, 11.09.2015
    vdi nachrichten (Stand 11.09.2015)
  • Demografiekongress 2015: Die Gesellschaft bekommt ein neues Gesicht, 07.09.2015
    Gesundheitsstadt Berlin (Stand 07.09.2015)
  • Die nächste "Agenda" ist überfällig, 14.08.2015
  • Endlich Antworten!, 10.08.2015
    NEON 09/2015


The Baltic Sea States Project

New joint project started (MPISOC/MPIDR/Population Europe)

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SHARE press release - Mutual Learning: Joint pan-European research improves the understanding of ageing societies

Extension of SHARE study allows for EU-wide country-comparisons

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The development of the pension gap and German households’ saving behavior

New MEA Discussion Paper published

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Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences to Angus Deaton

Angus Deaton was honored with the Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences in memory of Alfred...

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Educational opportunities are more dependent on social background than ethnicity

Newly published anthology provides an overview of ethnic inequalities in education and training

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News & Events

MEA Workshop: Research on Asylum Seekers and Other Crisis Migrants

October 28, 2016 in Munich

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13.7.2016: MEA Seminar - Economics of Aging

Dr. Thorsten Kneip (MEA): “Parenthood and Happiness. The early years.”

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