WS 2017/2018

  • Demographic Transition & Economic Policy (Bachelor)
    Instructor: Dr. Duarte Nuno Leite
    Time: 17.10.2017 - 02.12.2017
    Location: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
    Description: In this seminar you should expect to read and research on topics related to the demographic transition, population dynamics, individual behavior and institutional and policy design. One part of the students will make their essay on on causes for demographic transition and its effect on the main macroeconmic variables. The other part will work on topics related to the effects of population aging on today's society and pension systems. Here we will explore different types of individual behavior on labour supply, retirement decisions and savings and, additionally, pension systems' design.

  • MEA Seminar - Economics of Aging (Ph.D.)
    Instructor: Prof. Axel Börsch-Supan, Dr. Thorsten Kneip
    Time: Wednesday, 10:30-12:00
    Location: MEA seminar room, Amalienstraße 33, room 313 (3rd floor)

  • Research Workshop "Empirical Economics" (Master)
    Instructor: Dr. Tabea Bucher-Koenen, Dr. Helmut Farbmacher, Davide Cantoni (LMU), Andreas Steinmayr (LMU), Uwe Sunde (LMU), Derya Uysal (LMU), Joachim Winter (LMU), Amelie Wuppermann (LMU)
    Time: Tuesday, 14:00 – 15:30
    Location: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München: Professor-Huber-Platz 2, room VU107
    Description: This workshop in empirical economics is jointly organized by members of LMU's Department of Economics and the Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy. We invite colleagues from local, German and European institutions to present their research. Audience: Master and doctoral students as well as all faculty interested in empirical research.


New MEA Discussion Paper

"Does Disability Insurance Improve Health and Well-Being?"

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Call for Papers: US-European workshop on “Ageing and Health”

Submit your abstracts or full papers until February 5, 2018.

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New MEA Discussion Paper

The Nativity Wealth Gap in Europe - A Matching Approach

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„Warum wir zu wenig über Finanzen wissen - und was sich ändern muss“

Interview mit Dr. Tabea Bucher-Koenen in der Brigitte vom 02.01.2018

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"Productivity Slowdown, Aging and Pension Systems"

Prof. Börsch-Supans Vortrag am Peterson Institute for International Economics als Videobeitrag

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News & Events

Econometrics in the Castle: "Machine Learning in Economics and Econometrics"

The workshop will be organized by the Max Planck Society and the University of Hamburg on May...

27.09.2017: MEA Seminar - Economics of Aging

Sebastian Böhm: "R&D-Driven Medical Progress, Health Care Costs, and the Future of Human Longevity"