Old-Age Provision and Social Policy

This research unit deals with the implications of population aging on the sustainability and incentive structure of social security systems, including old age, health and long-term care insurance, and its interactions with saving behavior. Understanding savings behavior is crucial in order to investigate the potential role of private pension provision and evaluate the consequences of a transition towards partially funded social security systems.
Specifically, this research unit tries to understand the implications of incentive effects on individual saving and retirement decisions. It investigates how and why households save, and how that is linked to private and public transfers between generations. It asks questions such as: Are alternative social security reforms sustainable? How will different population groups be affected by reforms? What are the implications of the recent transition to a multi-pillar model of financing social security?
This unit will make use of several specially designed simulation models including population and labor force projections.

Ongoing projects:

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Bavarian State Medal for Prof. Börsch-Supan

Prof Börsch-Supan was recognized by the Bavarian government with the award of the Bavarian State...

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The Baltic Sea States Project

New joint project started (MPISOC/MPIDR/Population Europe)

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SHARE press release - Mutual Learning: Joint pan-European research improves the understanding of ageing societies

Extension of SHARE study allows for EU-wide country-comparisons

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The development of the pension gap and German households’ saving behavior

New MEA Discussion Paper published

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Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences to Angus Deaton

Angus Deaton was honored with the Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences in memory of Alfred...

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News & Events

16.08.2017: MEA Seminar - Economics of Aging

Felizia Hanemann: "The Effect of Disability Insurance on Health and Wellbeing After Enrollment"

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23.08.2017: MEA Seminar - Economics of Aging

Christian Hunkler: "The Optimism Trap: Migrants’ Educational Choices in Stratified Education...

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