Ass. jur. Andrea Oepen (Head of European Relations)

Raum: 353
Telefon: 089-38602-353
Fax: 089-38602-390

+-Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Oepen is a lawyer (focus on European law) and a Research Manager. After her second state exam she started her career at the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics in Garching, at last as Head of Internal Audit. From 2010 to 2013 she worked for the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in Bonn, first in the area of large-scale facilities, and finally she was in the strategy office of the former ESFRI Chair. Besides her policy-related work for ESFRI she was in charge of supporting the implementation of the legal form of an ERIC in Germany as well as giving consulting assistance to ESFRI projects. She was appointed as German member in the ERIC Committee. In late 2013 she started her current work as Head of European Relations for SHARE-ERIC (hosted at MPl for Social Law and Social Policy). There she dedicates herself to all legal and governance related activities for SHARE-ERIC, secures long-term funding for SHARE in view of political developments on the European and the national level. She is also coordinating the Public Relation Unit of SHARE/MEA. Recently she took over the responsibility for the procurement of survey services for SHARE-ERIC in 21 countries.

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