Steffen Reinhold, Ph.D. (E.CA Economics)

+-Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Applied Microeconometrics, Health, Labor and Demographic Economics.


Ph.D. in Economics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, 2007.

M.A. in Economics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, 2006.

Diplom-Volkswirt, Freie Universität Berlin, 2003

Fellowships and Awards

Bruce Hamilton Research Seminar Award, 2007.

Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University, 2003-2007.

Stipend, Berlin Consortium for German Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 2001-2002.

Fulbright Travel Grant, Johns Hopkins University, 2001-2002.

Prize for the Best Intermediate Exam in Class, Freie Universität Berlin, 2000.

Work Experience

Research Assistant to Prof. Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University, Aug 2005- Aug 2007.

Research Assistant to Dr. Caroline Fohlin, Johns Hopkins University, Aug 2003- Dec 2003.

Research Assistent, DIW, May 2000-June 2001.

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Econometrics, Fall 2007-Spring 2008.

Instructor, Data Analysis with Stata, 2006.

Instructor, Economics of Gender, Winter Intersession 2006.

Teaching Assistant, Elements of Microeconomics, Johns Hopkins University, Spring 2004 and 2005.

Teaching Assistant, Game Theory and Economic Behavior, Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2004.


American Economic Review, International Economic Review, Review of Income and Wealth, Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, Contemporary Economic Policy, Economics and Human Biology.

Conference Presentations

ESPE 2009, Sevilla

Effects of Migration on Population Structures in Europe, Vienna Institute of Demography, December 2008.

Verein für Socialpolitik, Graz, September 2008.

International Economic Association, Istanbul, June 2008.

Society of Labor Economists, New York, May 2008.

Causal Analysis in Population Studies, Vienna Institute of Demography, 2006

Annual Meeting, Allied Social Science Association, 2005.


HS 2009
Uebung: Empirical Methods (Bachelor)
Instructor: Steffen Reinhold

FS 2008
Uebung: Grundlagen der Ökonometrie (Bachelor)
Instructor: Steffen Reinhold

HS 2007
Uebung: Grundlagen der Ökonometrie (Bachelor)
Instructor: Steffen Reinhold


Beitrag in Zeitschrift
  • Kruk, Eberhard; Reinhold, Steffen (2014): "The Effect of Children on Depression in Old Age". In: Social Science & Medicine, 100 (), pp. 1-11.
  • Kneip, Thorsten; Bauer, Gerrit; Reinhold, Steffen (2014): "Direct and Indirect Effects of Unilateral Divorce Law on Marital Stability". In: Demography, 51 (6), pp. 2103-2126.
  • Reinhold, Steffen; Kneip, Thorsten; Bauer, Gerrit (2013): "The Long Run Consequences of Unilateral Divorce Laws on Children – Evidence from SHARELIFE". In: Journal of Population Economics, 26 (3), pp. 1035-1056.
  • Jürges, Hendrik; Kruk, Eberhard; Reinhold, Steffen (2012): "The Effect of Compulsory Schooling on Health - Evidence from Biomarkers". In: Journal of Population Economics, 26 (2), pp. 645-672.
  • Jürges, Hendrik; Reinhold, Steffen; Salm, Martin (2011): "Does Schooling Aff ect Health Behavior? Evidence from the Educational Expansion in Western Germany". In: Economics of Education Review, 30 (5), pp. 862-872.
  • Reinhold, Steffen; Jürges, Hendrik (2011): "Parental Income and Child Health in Germany". In: Health Economics, forthcoming (), pp. .
  • Reinhold, Steffen (2010): "Reassessing the Link between Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Instability". In: Demography, 47 (3), pp. 719-733.
  • Fohlin, Caroline; Reinhold, Steffen (2010): "Common stock returns in the pre-WWI Berlin Stock Exchange". In: Cliometrica, 4 (1), pp. 75-96.
  • Reinhold, Steffen; Jürges, Hendrik (2010): "Secondary School Fees and the Causal Effect of Schooling on Health Behavior". In: Health Economics, 19 (), pp. 994-1001.

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