Dr. Edgar Vogel (European Central Bank)


HS 2010
Uebung: Makro B (Bachelor)
Instructor: Dr. Edgar Vogel

HS 2010
Uebung: Makro 1 (Master)
Instructor: Dr. Edgar Vogel

HS 2009
Uebung: Makroökonomik B (Bachelor)
Instructor: Dr. Edgar Vogel

FS 2007
Uebung: Empirische Volkswirtschaftslehre (Bachelor)
Instructor: Dr. Edgar Vogel


Beitrag in Zeitschrift
  • Vogel, Edgar; Ludwig, Alexander; Börsch-Supan, Axel (2017): "Aging and pension reform: Extending the retirement age and human capital formation". In: Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 16 (1), pp. 81-107.
  • Ludwig, Alexander; Schelkle, Thomas; Vogel, Edgar (2011): "Demographic Change, Human Capital and Welfare". In: Review of Economics Dynamics, (), pp. .
  • Ludwig, Alexander; Vogel, Edgar (2009): "Mortality, Fertility, Education and Capital Accumulation in a Simple OLG Economy". In: Journal of Population Economics, 23 (2), pp. 703 - 735.
  • Vogel, Edgar (2010): Human Capital Dynamics and Population Structure,

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