Dr. Annette Scherpenzeel (International Coordinator of SHARE & German Country Team Leader)

Room: 311
Phone: 8938602311

+-Curriculum Vitae

2016 to date Head of Survey Methodology and SHARE assistent coordinator. Munich Center for the Economics of Aging, Munich, Germany.

2014-2015 Survey manager of the German SHARE study and methodologist for SHARE International. Munich Center for the Economics of Aging, Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy, Munich, Germany.

2013-2014 Project manager at the Utrecht University for the Inter-university Project: “Individual development: Why some children thrive, and others don't”. Coordination of the fieldwork and preservation of the quality of the cohort composition over time.

2006-2013 Project manager at CentERdata, Tilburg. Coordination and designing of a new online panel for survey research, development of a scientific research program in the field of panel methodology and new measurement methods.

2003-2006 ADSTAT advanced statistics and analysis, researcher and consultant. Development of longitudinal models, consulting on survey methodology, analysis of complex data.

1998-2003 Researcher at the Swiss Household Panel, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Survey methodology, design and implementation of a socio-economic panel.

1997-1998 Researcher at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Writing the proposal for the funding of a Swiss social-economical panel survey, with positive outcome.

1995-1996 Researcher at the Royal PTT Nederland NV, KPN Research, Leidschendam. Communications and marketing research in the field of acceptance of new technology

1993-1994 Researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Social and Marketing Research (NIMMO), University of Amsterdam. Design of a Russian household panel survey in cooperation with the Moscow University.

1989-1993 PhD-research at the department of methods and statistics, Faculty of Political and Social-Cultural Sciences, University of Amsterdam. Subject: Evaluating survey questions by multitrait-multimethod studies. Supervisor: Prof. Willem Saris.

1989 Masters research project at the department of food technology of the Agricultural University Wageningen (Netherlands). Subject: scaling methods in ­the psychology of perception.

1983-1988 Study Psychology, State University Utrecht (Netherlands). Specialisation: (1) Psychofysiology, (2) Social Psychology. Subsidiary subject: Communication science.





Publications in journals
  • Kooreman, P; Scherpenzeel, Annette (2014): "Advanced Body Mass Measurement, Feedback, and Health Behaviors". In: Economics & Human Biology, 14 (), pp. 141-153.
Articles in anthologies
  • De Leeuw, Edith; Hox, Joop; Scherpenzeel, Annette (2017): "Mode effects versus Question format effects: An experimental investigation of measurement error in a mixed-mode online-telephone survey (forthcoming)", In: Lavrakas, P.J., de Leeuw, E., Holbrook, A., Kennedy, C., Traugott, M.W., West, B.T. , Experimental Methods in Survey Research: Techniques that combine random sampling with random assignment, Wiley, Hobroken, NJ
  • Scherpenzeel, Annette (2016): "Mixing online panel data collection with innovative methods", In: Eifler, Stefanie, Frank Faulbaum, Methodische Probleme von Mixed-Mode-Ansätzen in der Umfrageforschung, Springer VS, Heidelberg, pp. 27-49
  • Scherpenzeel, Annette (2015): "Survey Participation in a Probability-Based Internet Panel in the Netherlands", In: U. Engel, B. Jann, P. Lynn , A. Scherpenzeel, P. Sturgis (Eds.) , Improving Survey Methods, Taylor & Francis Group,
  • Engel, Uwe; Scherpenzeel, Annette (2015): "Conducting Access Panels: Overview and Introduction", In: U. Engel, B. Jann, P. Lynn , A. Scherpenzeel, P. Sturgis , Improving Survey Methods, Taylor & Francis Group,
Discussion papers and working papers

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