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Is the demographic change the doom of retirees’ old age savings?

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The memory of the recent bear market still in investors’ heads they are caught by another alarming headline. The so called “asset meltdown” hypothesis postulates that the retiring of the baby-boomers around 2020/2030 will cause them to sell their assets to fund consumption in retirement. The reduced demand for financial assets will then cause a sharp downturn in asset prices and thereby melt away financial assets. Are we hence facing a lasting bear market? The recent study by Prof. Axel Börsch-Supan, Alexander Ludwig and Mathias Sommer presents comforting results. “The effects of population aging on the overall capital stock are noticeable, but their magnitude does not fit the dramatic headline of an “asset meltdown”.” Pure demographics will cause the return on capital to shrink by roughly 100 base points. To order the study which was conducted for the DIA (German institute for old age provision) click here. (in German!)

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Publications arisen from this project:
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