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The relevance of external communications / PR for SHARE has continiously grwon over the years. In 2015 Andrea Oepen and Julie Korbmacher (until 30.3.2017) took over the coordinating responsibility for that project, initially supported by Markus Berger. When Verena Coscia joined the project the implementation of a comprehensive PR strategy was implemented: All PR materials were oriented to specific target groups. E.g. the SHARE-ERIC Annual Report received a highly professional layout. The SHARE website was completely restructured. On the occassion of the publication of the First Result Book for Wave 5 a SHARE press conference in Brussels. Several new newsletters were introduced, amongst them the SHARE findings newsletter. PR channels and measures were modernized. The activities of Verena were “completed” by the graphic masterpieces of Tobias Roeckl, a professional graphic-designer, who produced not only the glossy Annual Report for SHARE, but also several brochures, flyers and cards. Recently Philipp Beck took over the PR work from Verena. Philipp also oversees the documentation of all SHARE-based publications and was able to surface a high number of publications through a systematic research effort in all SHARE countries.

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