Measuring, Explaining and Adjusting for Cross-Country Differences in Unit Nonresponse: What Can Paradata Contribute?

Mitarbeiter in diesem Projekt:

The analysis of cross-national survey data can be hindered by unit non-response. It is not uncommon for the countries in a cross-national survey to have very different response rates. This raises awareness amongst analysts of the potential for differential non-response errors, which might bias estimates of differences between countries. Research on cross-national differences in nonresponse and nonresponse bias, however, is still scarce, partly due to a scarcity of auxiliary data permitting such analyses. Process data (or paradata) are auxiliary data about the data collection process and can be suitable for nonresponse analyses in cross-national surveys if they are available across countries for both respondents and nonrespondents. The process data researched in this project are contact (or call-record) data and interviewer observations of the neighbourhood primarily in the European Social Survey. The project investigates the role that paradata play in the measurement, analysis and adjustment of unit nonresponse in cross-national surveys.

Aus diesem Projekt hervorgegangene Publikationen:
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