Paradata Management

Mitarbeiter in diesem Projekt:

Paradata are data about the process of data collection. These can be collected as a by-product during fieldwork and the interview process itself or they can be collected in addition by interviewers or survey agencies and linked afterwards. Regarding data on the fieldwork process, SHARE collected time-stamp data based on keystroke data (e.g. item-level response times, back-ups, edits) and contact data (day, time, and outcome) derived from the Sample Management System. In addition, interviewer observations on the sample unit and the neighborhood are recorded and demographic information on the interviewer is collected by the survey agencies. This provides SHARE with a rich source of paradata for analyzing data quality in survey production and for deriving recommendations for future fieldwork management. The project is being financed by the DASISH project (Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities), which is funded by the European Comission within the Seventh Framework Programme. Therefore, this project consists of two main tasks: (1) Compilation of the different datasets This task implies cleaning the data in cooperation with SHARE's Data Base Management, identifying and creating meaningful indicators and aggregating the data where necessary, linking the different data sources, and ensuring the comparability across countries. (2) Data quality analysis using paradata This second task aims at providing the SHARE Operations team with data quality analyses on interviewer behavior, standardization of the interview process, and analyses on interview duration and feeds into their work during and after fieldwork.

Aus diesem Projekt hervorgegangene Publikationen:
  • Schmidutz, Daniel; Bristle, Johanna (2013): Paradata: Ethical and Legal Issues, Deliverable D6.2 of the Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities (DASISH) project, available at:

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