Contribution Determinants in German Statutory Health Insurance and Social Long-Term Care Insurance

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Contribution rates in the German systems of Statutory Health Insurance (GKV) and Social Long-Term Care Insurance (SPV) have risen in the past, with further increases expected in the future. This project's goal is to dissect contribution developments within these two social insurance branches into a demography effect, an expenditure effect and an income effect. It has been shown that the chief ``driving forces´´ behind previous contribution rate developments were rate increases, triggered primarily by the expenditure effect. Yet it is also necessary to differentiate prospective rises in contribution rates according to their determinants. Thus the demography effect is projected to become significant for the development of GKV contribution rates between 2025 and 2040. Nevertheless, this effect is likely to be far less salient than one might think. One reason is that demographic change does not only produce financial burdens for GKV, but also provides relief because the number of children co-insured free of charge is on the decline.

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